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Thread: !!Easy BDM T8 Connections!!

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    !!Easy BDM T8 Connections!!

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to share my solution to T8 BDM I have been using for awhile now. Never bothered to look for pogo pins for it, that would be the next step... but here is my current process:

    Buy these, part numbers included in the pics. I got mine from Digi-key.
    Surface mount headers, 1mm pitch iirc

    through hole connector (mates to the above header)

    Use some ribbon cable with a standard 2.54mm pitch connector that will facilitate connection to your tuning device (combi for me). Terminate one end of the cable with the 2.54mm pitch IDC connector and the other end by soldering the individual leads to the through hole connector above. You should seperate the wires and keep a 1:1 pinout. I've added shrink tubing and a pre-bend to it to make things easier and last longer. Here's what mine looked like:

    Now you are all set to connect to a T8. Next step is to get the ECU ready.
    Open the ECU, take the 3 screws off the back and carefully and slowly pry the case open. Work around the opening a little bit at a time. This flap that opens can bend very easily which can brick your ecu pretty quick. I'll say it again, BE CAREFUL!! I also find that going around the opening every so often with a razor can help unstick it.

    And here's what it looks like open, we are going to solder to the pads in the lower right corner. Only open it as much as you need to.

    This is where young eyes, or a microscope will be pretty invaluable. I use the microscope at work on mine. This is a view of the pads we will solder to:

    This is a view of the pads we will solder to:

    First remove the conformal coating completely from this area. Then remove the excess solder from the pads, solderwick works great here: Now take you surface mount headers from above and solder one to those pads. Here's what it looks like after:

    That's it. Now connect you cable you made to the header and BDM your ECU. Please remember these ecu's are good for 4 or 5 openings before they crack and break, it's just a flex joint as the ecu is a clamshell. And only open just enough for access.
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    Nice job
    Here are the links for Sweden (Elfa):
    I think I will order some

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    really god :D Think i have to order some to from elfa :D

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    I don't see the point of soldering on the BDM on a T8 car if you can just flash through the Connectors or if in the car through the OBD2 connector. Am I missing something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurnsSide42 View Post
    I don't see the point of soldering on the BDM on a T8 car if you can just flash through the Connectors or if in the car through the OBD2 connector. Am I missing something?
    Hi BurnsSide42

    The short answer is that for a long time it was the only known way to clone an ECU without having to marry it to your car unless you had access to Saab's Tech 2. I think that you can use something called MPPS now to marry another ECU to your car.

    Of course you don't need either Tech 2 or MPPS if you are only FLASHing your original ECU. However, many people prefer to keep their original ECU untouched and use a second ECU for their tuning experiments hence the need to clone their original VIN and IMMO codes This is a lot harder to do with T8 ECUs because the codes are not included when CAN FLASHing because only part of the BIN file is used. BDM FLASHing replaces the entire BIN file including VIN and IMMO codes.

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    Opcom has been used for marrying :)

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